For who want to use Vim. but afraid that Vim will slow your daywork.

Everyone heard… Vim is too hard but you know if you just start in the right way. It’s not that hard anymore. And you can use Vim instead of regular editor in a couple hours.

We can reduce this curve in a half. just start only what the starter should

Guide to install EsLint, EsFormatter and scrooloose/syntastic.

EsLint with Airbnb installation.

  1. Download script files above.
  2. run script install_eslint (script is run NPM install -g with sudo).
  3. run script PATH (path must be your root project you wanna use EsLint.) run it always you create new project to use EsLint.
  4. Now you can use command line. eslint *.js, And esformatter *.js to test it.
  5. done.


  1. scrooloose/syntastic
  2. vim-esformatter (if u run script install_eslint, esformatter installed)

Installation with Vundle

Recommend configure for Syntastic

Recommend configure for EsFormatter

Modify configure EsFormatter for match to Airbnb

I found some wrong space when formatting.

Such as Destructuring.

const {firstName, lastName} = user;

Should be has spaces.

const { firstName, lastName } = user;

I fixed…

Theerawit Ob Akesiripong

software developer

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